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Would You Wear It on Over 50 Feeling 40

Happy Saturday and welcome to Would You Wear It Over 50 with me and my elegant friend, Jennifer!  I am back at my desk and want to thank all of you for your prayers, patience and support this week as I went through this little surgery.  You guys are amazing.  My full recovery takes two weeks, so I am thankful that I am my own boss and working at home is my wheelhouse!  This is one of the most popular days on this blog….the day where you give your thoughts on the fashion displays currently in stores. 

Would You Wear this Talbots Look on Over 50 Feeling 40

We ask that you scrutinize the displays and tell us if you personally would or would not wear the styles…and please don’t just say Yes or No, but explain why they work for you or don’t.  Your voice and your comments are an important part of this exercise and help others. 

So, let’s begin…look at my mannequin above and tell us, ladies……..



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Pamela Lutrell in Soft Surroundings vest on over 50 feeling 40

The most popular post this week was easily a visit to San Antonio’s Soft Surroundings boutique in my search for what my style will look like during my new life.  If you missed it, check it out NEXT STOP IN MY SEARCH FOR A NEW LIFE-STYLE: SOFT SURROUNDINGS.

Also, this past week, we discussed:




Make sure you also go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see Jennifer’s fashion display for your comments.  Also, I have found some new styles on the market as everyone begins to think fall….you can see this below.  Thanks so much for being here and make sure you….



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Chamonix on Over 50 Feeling 40

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By Pamela Lutrell




  1. I really like that mannekin. It’s a really cute outfit, although in the south, it’s hard to think about needing a jacket any time soon.! I just really like everything about this outfit, it all looks great together, although I’d choose a different color jacket for myself. I’m not a lover of army green.

  2. I’m 68 and I’d wear today’s outfit. I love everything about it. Love the olive jean jacket. That color is so in and I have lots I can wear it with. Also love the red knit sweater and jeans. This outfits a winner for me.

    1. I love the red with the army green.
      I’m not so fond of the knit of the sweater.
      The necklace is fun & suits.
      Happy Saturday.

  3. I like tunics and leggings. I like this outfit, casual and stylish. I would probably switch out the jacket for a khaki color for my coloring.

  4. I would definitely wear the sweater. I like the texture and the length. And it’s the perfect shade of red for me. The capris are fine but I would prefer ankle length – we’re staring to move toward fall, which means wearing socks again. I would pass on the jacket as I think it’s too heavy for the sweater. I would wear a long lightweight black sweater or wrap.

  5. Pamela,
    Yes,Yes,and Yes!….I already have similar jacket, but never thought of pairing it to a pinkish or coral color sweater, very cute, I like the necklace too.

  6. I like the sweater but not the color. I looked at it on the link. It comes in a beautiful blue color — I would happily wear that with dark or white straight jeans. The jacket shown here is fine nothing exiting. I would remove the necklace and add a scarf. Happy Saturday.

  7. Yes I like this outfit except would want the pants longer. I have this jacket in the same color. Think I would prefer a mustard yellow with a scarf. And make sure the sweater is not longer than my jacket! I guess fall is coming like it or not!

  8. So interesting….normally i would say no to this multi colored outfit as shown, but on second glance I say yes I would wear it. The deep rosy red sweater with navy legging is pretty , but the pop of green offers something else….more interest. I tend to wear boring neutrals (my comfort zone). This adds something no one would expect, and I like that. I just wonder if the jacket sleeve and long sleeved sweater might add bulk that’s uncomfortable? I’d have to try it on for fit. But I think it’s a very interesting pairing…..and yes, would wear it if fit was on target.

  9. I’d wear all of those pieces, and I have a version close to each. So excited that we will need heavy clothes pretty soon!

  10. This is a great outfit and I’d definitely wear it! I love the colors (all of them) and the length and style of the top and the olive jacket, and the jeans are styling perfection. Yes, absolutely would wear this. The top has texture and that’s a bonus. This would be easy to accessorize with a scarf or a statement necklace. Love it!!

  11. Love that outfit! I already have two similar jackets but have not worn them with a sweater – usually something lighter weight. Good idea to try. The sweater itself seems a bit bright for me but I do like it so would give it a try. Hard to believe but up here in Ontario we will need to be layering like that all too soon!

  12. i might try on the jacket, but i have one similiar, so i would probably pass. i wouldnt pair it with the pink/red color though, thats too jarring for me..i would pair it with the pullover of the same color to the right of it. with jeans, and i like the necklace they have with the display. the pink/red top wouldnt work for me, because i think the weave texture adds bulk. and the jeans would as usual need to be full length.

  13. I love this look and have found myself intrigued by the military green. I’m a redhead but need to be pretty careful with the greens I choose. The part that really surprised me was that I loved the necklace. Definitely not in my wheelhouse. I go for more delicate accessories. But I loved this one. I guess I need to explore.

  14. I really like this outfit, the component parts would fit my casual lifestyle perfectly. Olive green near my face is not flattering, but I realized that I have all the pieces in my closet now, Just in varying pieces. I have green pant, black tee and red jacket. Out they will come as soon as it cools down . I probably would not have combined them…sooo thanks for getting me to rethink what I already have.

  15. For the season I would be purchasing it for, a ‘no’ to all three pieces. Firstly; though do like the detail on the jacket, with it being a mixed cotton blend its just not a piece I’d consider for my wardrobe plus as it is shown with the tunic length sweater I would prefer it either to be a shorter or longer length. As to the sweater, seldom wear crew necks and due to its open weave feel that it would warrant a camisole underneath so in my case defeats it purpose for warmth. Also just not a fan of 3/4 length sleeved sweaters. Regarding the pants, not only would they most likely be too short for the Fall footwear that I wear being a low cut bootie (might be okay with my loafers or ballerina flats) they appear not to be a cut of my choosing. Last but not least; though the necklace may be interesting/pretty it just isn’t my taste in jewelry. Glad you are on the mend, Pamela. -Brenda-

    Footnote: I live in Canada where our Fall weather is somewhat cool.

  16. This outfit is a winner for me, I might have to run over today to grab the sweater before they are sold out. Thank you for sharing, hope you a recovering well.

  17. The sweater is the item that would cause me to stop at this display. I do like that shade of raspberry red. I would not wear the bottoms as shown, but a straight or slim leg would work. The jacket is not a style that I wear as it is a bit too masculine on me and the colour is too warm. I do like the long sleeve tee behind and wear that for casual often. A light scarf tied in a fun way to top it off. Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery and able to do your own pace. I was wondering if the hurricane sent too much water your way. We are getting the after effects here in Ontario this weekend.

  18. I like the outfit a lot but would use it for inspiration, rather than buy those pieces. I love the colour and weave of the tunic, but don’t wear tunics. I would need something shorter. I like it paired with the navy pants. They might work for my body type 🥕 so would have to see. The army green jacket is very appealing to me, not sure why as it probably isn’t the best colour for me. I do have a similar inspiration outfit but with jeans and white striped top. This would be another way to mix it up!

  19. I love the outfit! The only thing I’d style differently is the jacket. I’d choose different color and possibly a different style of jacket.

  20. I do like this outfit. The shade of red would be flattering, and I like the way it’s styled with the navy. The necklace is a great accessory. I like the shade of green in the jacket, but might go for something with a less bulky cut for my figure.

  21. This outfit gets a resounding YES from me. I have had my eye on this jacket, but so far, I have talked myself out of buying it because I really don’t need it. I love the color & texture of the sweater. Dark wash jeans are a staple in my wardrobe. Although these jeans appear to be short on the mannequin, they would likely be fine on my short legs, especially with an ankle boot. All the pieces are classic & versatile.

  22. Love the texture and color of the sweater and the pretty shade of blue pants. Not sure about olive green next to my face and hair. I also like the necklace the stylist chose. Hope you are feeling better each day!

  23. Color and texture as well as the length of the sweater is nice. I’d probably wear it with jeans. Full length. Don’t care for the OD green jacket or the style of the jacket. The necklace, I really would wear.

  24. Yes! This outfit is totally something I would wear! Color, texture, length… This would be comfortable yet stylishly pulled together

  25. Hi Pam ,
    So glad you are home. I love your outfit from soft surroundings!
    Regarding the mannequin :
    I like all the pieces, but , for me, they don’t really go together. I have an army green jacket , and I wear it with autumn colors and brown or olive suede boots. The tunic sweater is beautiful, but I would wear it with jeans and maybe the necklace shown.
    The navy pants I would wear in the spring/summer with white , stripes or nautical. The pants can go with most anything, I am thrown off a bit as the necklace is dainty and beautiful and the jacket is a bit slouchy. This is my opinion of course and I might be putting myself in a box.

  26. I like the casual tone of both outfits, but wouldn’t buy or wear either as is. If the red tunic had a V neck I’d wear it but not with the round neckline (if I did buy it I’d pair it with black leggings). The style of the jacket is up my alley & while I used to be able to wear some shades of olive when I was younger (& blonder), I don’t find it works on me now. I dislike that shade of blue in the pants & I’m also so over “high water” pants, so they’re a hard pass. The other outfit is cute, but I’d pass on the wishy-washy green & would buy the top in a bright white, black or red & would wear it with a light-wash jean or slim black pants. What I WOULD try on is a pair of those light-coloured jeans stacked to the right. I can always use another pair! If I could get that jacket on the first mannequin in the same shade, I’d buy both & wear them with a bright red tee or silk cami, red & silver earrings with silver bracelets & rings & neutral brown sandals or open-toed boots with bright red polish on my toes 🙂

  27. This outfit would work for me. I would probably choose ankle length pants, and I may swap out the sweater for one with a different texture, but the overall look is a good one for me.

  28. I love the whole outfit displayed on the mannekin! I didn’t see what store this is at, but would purchase the outfit. Thank you for picking this.

  29. I like this outfit and wouldn’t have thought of putting these colors together. As a “Petite” I usually wear sweaters and jackets that are shorter. I love 3/4 length sleeves, but they are sometimes uncomfortable under a jacket, especially if the sleeves of the jacket are narrow, as they look in the picture. Would definitely try it on though.

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