Every Day Elegance in Black Jeans

I am still working on learning ways to be more elegant, so today we are considering every day elegance in black jeans.

Last week, we discussed wearing white jeans for elegance….and naturally, several readers were not prepared to wear white denim in the winter.

However, I have great news…black jeans are also considered a staple in the elegant woman’s wardrobe.


Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange on elegance in black jeans

Ines de la Fressange writes in Parisian Chic that “a black pair is compulsory!  Other experts confirm that jeans are a must in the elegant wardrobe.

They say that every woman needs a jean with a fabulous fit in all of the right places, and well kept so as to easily go from day to night.   You only may need to change up your top or accessories.

One author calls wearing black jeans with metallics or velvets a very dramatic look.  I believe too often I think of my jeans as totally casual and not dress-up casual.

I need to remember that now they are appropriate for many situations when styled just right.

Ines writes, ” One thing is certain: straight-leg jeans are without a doubt the most timeless cut of all. The Parisian’s favorite shape is easily worn with anything.”



Every day elegance in a Chicos reversible velvet jacket and black jeans

OK, I did not need the Chico’s Reversible Floral Velvet Jacket...but I felI In love with both sides of it, and have it ready for a special occasion when the time is once again right!

It was on sale when I bought it and still on sale…and in petites as well!  This is simple elegance…on a budget!!

It pairs great with the accessories I already own, and with my Foxcroft Downtown Straight Leg Stretch Jeans.  

I know there are several of you who like me do not wear dresses as often these days…just consider Black Jeans your answer to the Little Black Dress.  A must have…go to…in your closet…perfect for many situations.

Instead of the LBD….we now style our EBJ!  (elegant black jean)




Elegant jewelry at Sorrelli

During the holidays, I introduced you to a family favorite for elegant jewelry…Sorrelli!  These pieces are from the Urban Holiday line!

Sorrelli is loved by all the women in my family and was first introduced to me by my daughter.  Since we are talking elegance, I just wanted to remind you of this beautiful line!!

You will enjoy spending time on their website, and they also have accessories such as earring backs and necklace extenders. 

Now, ladies…what do you think about black jeans being in an elegant woman’s wardrobe?? Please share…and make sure you….




By Pamela Lutrell



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