Would You Wear It – Bright Sweaters

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, friends!  Time for Would You Wear It in two areas of the U.S. with two bloggers! 

Saturdays are the days when I team up with my friend, Jennifer, and we seek your thoughts on fashion displays we have discovered.

it is always interesting to read what women consumers think of the displays and the clothing.

We learn from one another every Saturday!

So, let’s get started…….


Would You Wear It

It is sweater time in most places and this bright display captured my attention.

Please explain for others why you would or would not wear what you see.

Also, if you would change the display…what would you do?  Of course, tell us what you think of the pant selections as well.

Now look these three lovely ladies over and decide……………………………………


Would You Wear It

This display is from LOFT and through Monday everything is 40% off.

On Monday, I will have a trip into their dressing rooms to show you a few of the items I found.


Would You Wear It

This Chico’s Reversible Embroidered Kimono Jacket was the most popular style from my Chico’s post this past week. 

Also, make sure you check out the sale area…Chico’s just loaded it with more styles….NEW CHICO’S SALE ITEMS (Some items up to 60% off).

would you wear it


Also, remember these fun JAMBU GIANNA BOOTS (in several colors) are 30% off through November 4 with the savings code FFPamJambu.

I love all of my Jambu shoes….so comfy and fun.  I get compliments on all them when I go out and my funky feet are super happy.


Would You Wear It

The $150 James Avery Gift Card giveaway has been very popular and I will announce a winner on Tuesday, November 1.

You must put your name in the comments on the blog post: JAMES AVERY GIVEAWAY FOR BUILDING FAMILY TRADITIONS.

Yes, I really do put all of the names in a hat…previously my son’s football helmet, but now a fedora!

I promise I am distinguishing who is who….we have so many Lindas in this audience…so I make sure I know which Linda is which when placing the entry in.

I am caught up and will probably select the winner from the hat late afternoon on Halloween.

Thanks to everyone who has entered and to James Avery Artisan Jewelry for their generosity.

So, let’s get going with WOULD YOU WEAR IT!  Tell us what you think of the sweater display and then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to comment on Jennifer’s.

I am so honored to have all of you here and to have many new followers who have joined in the past couple of weeks!  So much fun, to meet new readers. Now……


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It


  1. I look forward to catching up on your posts during the week. You do inspire me, I am still working on my style objectives. What a difference I feel it makes in my work day when I’m confident in my appearance. Thank you for all the time you put in for us.

  2. Good morning Pam! I do like the bright sweaters- the red fair isle abd the simpler orange with scarf – autumn colors! The top on the far left side has left me confused. Maybe it’s just too busy for me.
    I would wear the pale khaki or the black jean with buttons , but I think the blue jean (left) is not my style. It is a bit loose and just doesn’t seem flattering. Have a super Saturday!

  3. I like the middle sweater. I try to stay away from orange and black, so the cream pants are nice. I also like orange and denim. It goes well with turquoise.

    After the discussion about plaid I’ll say that I don’t usually go for patterned sweaters. A patterned scarf or hat will do for me.

  4. I do like a bright sweater, but a solid color. I think they make a great palette for pretty jewelry. And I prefer thinner ones.

  5. I like the bright colors and have a bright orange sweater I gravitate to often because of its cherry color and warmth. Also, orange is flattering to my skin tone. I think the pattern on the sweater in the upper left hand corner is too busy and lacks balance of color and design. With the peach sweater I would wear a scarf with a little peach or orange in it.

  6. Yes, to the middle outfit. I have a bright orange cardigan that’s more acidy than the mannequin. Hmm, maybe I’ll have to pull it out and wear it with my ecru jeans this week. Oops, almost forgot the scarf–I have a chunky colorful one from Sundance that’s a little more Boho that I’d use instead of a striped one.

  7. Happy almost Halloween. I like the orange sweater but wouldn’t wear it as it’s not my color. IMO combining it with the red patterned scarf is awful: the two colors war with one another. The sweater on the right is nice, but I would wear with different jeans. Not a fan of bright buttons that draw attention to the abdoman/groin area.

  8. Would definitely wear the orange sweater but not with that red scarf. Like the twinkle graphic tee too.

  9. I love color and would absolutely wear the bright colors. I think all outfits need color! Not the Twinkle Twinkle one. I don’t like words on my clothes.

  10. The jeans a ‘no’ as not my style preference for them (both in cut as well as button front) however a possible ‘yes’ to the center pants depending upon their fabric ‘n fit. As to the other pieces; unfortunately another ‘no’ as their colours do not suit my skin tone plus I am guessing that the Fair Isle patterned sweater is that of a mixed yarn which doesn’t appeal to me personally (could be a Canadian thing) when compared to those made with natural fibers as we do love our warmth … 😊. -Brenda-

  11. A big YES to the middle outfit’s sweater and pants! The top seems to be a coral or peach tinted orange, which is exactly in my wheelhouse. I would wear the cream pants, “orange” sweater, and throw on my cream puffer vest, last year’s coral and cream knit patterned scarf from Talbot’s, and a pair of suede boots. Better yet, I would invest in the new cream vest with faux fur collar from the Talbot’s catalog to swap out for my older vest. 😁

  12. I’m surprised with the color combinations in your first photo. To me, orange and red don’t go together. I prefer plain colored sweaters that focus on the texture instead of a pattern. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

  13. I would definitely wear the melon sweater in the middle, and have a similar one in my closet from JCrew. I never thought of pairing it with red … off to the closet and bulging scarf drawer to see if I can recreate this look!

  14. The tangerine color is very pretty, but due to the oversized fit and dropped shoulders, it would be a pass. The shirt on the left is too busy of a print for my style and the neckline would not be flattering, so another pass there. Fair isle sweaters can be pretty, but I prefer a softer pattern and more subtle coloring, so this would also be a pass since it’s the opposite of that.

  15. I have an orange banana republic sweater I wear with brown jacket and brown pants for a splash of fall color so yes I’d buy the orange . I learned from Jennifer that v neck sweaters are more flattering for me tho ( im short ) , and I do love red at holidays and look for a fun Christmas too or sweater every year ,.to cheer me up , so I’d buy the red fair isle .. no to the jeans as they wouldn’t flatter me and I have plenty !
    Wouldn’t it be fun if we all shared a fave Christmas outfit or top or sweater (,that isnt too loud or a crazy Xmas sweater type ) that we actually wear ? I found a cute grey one last year that said “Oh deer “in white 🤣 got lots of compliments on it

  16. Although I like bright colors, especially red, I wouldn’t wear any of these. The print top on the left is too busy for my taste. Orange is a terrible color for me, & I would never pair it with red. I have never been a fan of fair isle sweaters. They are just not something I care to wear.

  17. I like bright sweaters (always paired with neutral color pants or jeans). The simple orange is my favorite here but that’s not the scarf I would pair it with. V necks are my favorite although I have some crew neck ones and even a few turtleneck (if they’re not snug against my neck). I’m not a fan of the dropped shoulder seam and can’t wait for that trend to pass! The print top on the left is a firm pass for me

  18. Red is an overwhelming color for me. However, I could see others enjoying the sweater, hat and scarves here for après-ski.

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