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would you wear it

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to our regular feature called Would You Wear It with me and my blogging friend, Jennifer!

We find fashion displays in our communities that make us wonder what you would think of the fashions…would you wear it or not?

It is a fun exercise where we all learn from one another and the results are that we become better fashion shoppers.

So, let’s get started this lovely March day, look at the displays and ask….Would You Wear It?


Would You Wear It

I have a display today with four different styles.

Of course, you may comment on one or all.  I believe these depict different ways to take a casual lifestyle up a notch.

So, look them over and tell us with detail what you think.  Remember, comments are read by others to learn from them.

You may also give styling advice to those doing the fashion merchandising and tell us how you would improve the display.

would you wear it

So, ladies, look these stylish mannequins over and tell us……………………………………………………………………………………


Would You Wear It

This display was discovered at Nordstrom and is from designer Vince Camuto.  Here are the display pieces in this slideshow:


would you wear it

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Would You Wear It

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Would You Wear It

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Would You Wear It

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Well, now it is your turn…look my display over and tell us WOULD YOU WEAR IT…then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and comment on Jennifer’s. 

I will be here tomorrow for the popular lifestyle posts called Sunday Morning at Home…hope to see you then!  Until that time…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear it





  1. My eye was drawn to the center front outfit. That looks elegant and I’d probably wear that, not with jeans, but with nicer ankle pants. The contrast is low, very nice for a night out in the summer, with a switch in bottoms. The jeans would be okay if dressing it way down, but to me, that takes away from the top. The wrap dress is kind of a fail because of the unflattering neckline and the messiness of the wrap. Wrap dresses flatter pretty much everyone, but this falls short. The tank dress in the back is something I’d wear, fun color and can be dressed up or down. It would be cute with a denim jacket for those who prefer not to show arms. The floral top and wide pants would be a pass. Nothing about that appeals to me, just gives the impression of hiding something, and it looks a little heavy for spring. I think they did a decent job with the display and color tones.

  2. I love the dress in the back. I think I would style it with the blue top tied at the waist. Such vibrant pretty colors.

  3. That paneled dandelion dress is gorgeous. Perhaps it shines due to the construction which is reflected in the price? So simple and just begging for a a pretty accessory. I can see it dressed up with a cashmere shawl or wrap, dressed down with a pullover and flats. I see it with a necklace ( it could handle a variety of lengths) and earrings. That dress is such a lovely blank canvas, waiting to be adorned. I know the color is not for everyone, but it happens to sit well on me. The wrap dress is a bit out of proportion to my eye, as well as not hemmed well. I like the color but not the cut. I wish that lovely silky top had set in sleeves or none at all. Looks luscious. The top and pants on the right seem out of place.
    Great fun, these Saturday mornings. Thank you!

  4. I like the style of the knit drapped dress. Dresses with self-ties seem to be a thing this season.

  5. I do not care for the colors initially except for the navy floral top which looks much better on you than on the mannequin. If the dresses were in different colors, I might try them, but not in the colors shown. I like the cut of the blouse in front with rounded hem and higher collar, but it looks very blah to me in this color. Since I usually wear winter cool colors, this display would not attract my attention.

  6. I think the blue floral top looks better on you than in the display. I liked that you’ve paired it was the orangish pants. The wrap dress doesn’t do anything for me. Maybe it’s the color as I usually like a nice wrap dress. I would wear the midi dress, with a cropped jacket of some sort.

  7. Um well I can’t wear yellow at all ! The wrap dress at the left looks awful especially with the hem looking as if it had only been tacked . I love the satin blouse in front but would wear it with a stronger colour for the contrast – either very dark or very bright , pants or a long skirt . I also like the floral shirt and black pants .

  8. My style profile is “dramatic minimalist” so I generally like the pared down style of these pieces. I normally love a wrap dress. The plusses for this one is that its 100% cotton and the length is good for me. The big minuses are the high neckline and the sleeves that hit at the bustline. I would wear it to church with a jacket, maybe a blazer. The neckline is really problematic. Maybe a jaunty Audrey Hepburn scarf would help. Or a statement pendant to draw the eye away from my neck. The tank dress is a great color and I still wear sleeveless in the summer. Its a good cut and would look good with a jacket as well. I’d wear it if Nordstroms could shorten it to just above the knee. I love the style of the silk blouse with the mandarin color and would wear it despite the blah color. Actually I like it with jeans though not the jeans its pictured with. It would look better with white cropped pant. I would not wear the jeans. I’m not a fan of the sprayed-on faded look of these. I never wear a flowered anything so I wouldn’t even try on the blouse. Looking forward to the comments.

  9. I agree with others that the blouse looks much better on you than on the model: you bring it alive with the orange slacks. The rest is a pass for me – not my colors or style. I don’t care for high necks in summer – worse on the dress than the blouse. I don’t think you can save the dress with any additions. It looks like two dresses, a tee style on top and a wrap on the bottom – just doesn’t work well.

  10. The two pant outfits (center and right ) are out. I’d walk right past them.
    For me today ( who rarely wears dresses) I’d try on the dandelion dress with my mini heeled sandals and some flattering bracelets and perhaps a wildly colored silk scarf either draped or tied as a shrug. (Or a white jean jacket. )
    The tan dress needs something in color or stark white in accessories to give it life. Many possibilities here! Happy Saturday!

  11. I would wear the camel dress if it were much longer-maxi dress!!! The other items I wouldn’t wear at all!!!!!!

  12. None of these appeal to me. I’ve tried on the dress on the left and the high neck was uncomfortable and unflattering. Happy Sat!

  13. That dandelion dress is beautiful, and the price certainly reflects that it has quality through and through. This is a bolder yellow than I typically wear, but I would see if wearing a lightweight white cardigan over it would tone down the boldness. Sheer printed scarves would add some fun pattern when desired. I do not care for the wrap dress: t-shirt weight dresses make me feel seriously under-dressed everywhere but poolside. The floral shirt seems too heavy both in pattern and colors. The silky pale gray blouse would be more to my liking with a more open neckline. It feels too closed up and not comfortable for that reason. That fabric is gorgeous, though!

  14. My 30 year old self would have loved the gold dress, I would have paired with strappy heels and a wrap with simple jewelry. Today there isn’t enough spandex in the world that would make me look good in it. The wrap dress is a no for me. Just looks messy. The design of the grey top I like, but the material looks like it would snag easy and be difficult to iron or steam smooth. The button collared print top isn’t for me. I usually like florals but this one doesn’t appeal to me. I do approve of the display, the addition of some accessories tells me someone was thinking it through.

  15. The mannequins don’t do justice to the outfits. The floral blouse I liked better on you than the mannequin, center outfit not sure if it’s me, I don’t go for wide bottom pants because I’m only 5’1 and hey make my legs look shorter. The goldenrod color dress is a possible and you could always put a denim jacket with it. The partial wrap not doing it for me and it looks lumpy over the one hip seam area.

  16. Though love the color (camel) of the wrap dress a ‘no’ for me as though slender, feel the tie draws the eye to the hip which doesn’t appeal to me. That said; with the exception of the tank dress that gives one a blank canvas to work with, it is sadly is a color I cannot wear due to my fair coloring but I do like it. As to the other pieces they are just not my style preference. i.e.: The short sleeved top is too bland both in color and design/prefer floral patterns that are more abstract/both pairs of bottoms are questionable in fit ‘n cut.

  17. With the time change in the wee hours tomorrow, my thoughts are turning to Spring but these outfits aren’t very appealing for me: the color, the fit, the style. I might consider the floral blouse you’re wearing – it looks a lot better on you than it does the mannequin. Maybe it’s the fit or the color of the pants or maybe your smile? The bright yellow dress might look cute under a denim jacket. I chill easily thus rarely wear sleeveless. These outfits as a group look ‘blah’ rather than ‘chic’ to my eye.

  18. The only thing I would wear is the silver? top on the middle model. I would wear it under a jacket or sweater as I don’t wear sleeveless or capped sleeves alone. The two dresses are not good colors for me. I am not a fan of large florals or wide legged pants.

  19. As so many others have said, you bring out the best in the floral blouse! It looks mismatched in the display to me, like black with navy. If I could wear sunflower yellow and didn’t dislike florals so much I might use the blouse as a topper for the yellow dress, perhaps unbuttoned but tied at the waist. I like the idea of the tan/taupe dress, but not the execution. As others pointed out, the neck is awkward and unflattering, and it looks cheaply made. I dislike the outfit with the shiny blouse due to style, color and fabric. Honestly, pieces like this are the reason I rarely shop Nordstrom anymore. I used to spend several thousand dollars a year there, so this is a big shift. I also miss having a brick and mortar store in my area, but still shop my Nordstrom Rack occasionally. Thanks for keeping us up to date on what’s in the stores, even if it falls in the category of “what not to wear.”

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