How to tell the world you have creative, dramatic style

creative dramatic style

Happy Fashion Friday, ladies!  At your request, I am going to discuss how I use my style adjectives to dress daily, and let’s begin with how to tell the world you have creative, dramatic style.

In case you are a new reader, allow me to explain why I am a proponent of dressing with style adjectives…and why I have done this for years.

Here is a little additional reading for background:  HOW STYLE ADJECTIVES WORK FOR ME and BREAK OUT OF A STYLE RUT in RETIREMENT.

Building a wardrobe with style adjectives will save money, make life easier, and build your own confidence.


creative dramatic style

My current adjectives are polished, creative, approachable, joyful, and current.

Every time I am going away from the house, I look in the mirror and ask does this outfit speak these five adjectives?  If the answer is yes, then I head out with confidence!

Today, I want to demonstrate ways I speak my creative or (some would say) dramatic style.

Also, I do believe the adjectives creative and dramatic can be slightly different.

I see “creative” as more artisan, and “dramatic” as more cutting edge and more trendy.

I hope to do a post soon and just focus on the adjective dramatic for those who include it in your list of adjectives.

For me this is the fun part of my style and I know others identify me with this adjective.

So, let’s have some fun!


creative dramatic style

#1. Creative, dramatic style can be expressed in prints, special pieces and design elements.

First let me explain that my adjectives are selected with purpose.  I believe that it is my creative side that makes me approachable, joyful, and current.

It is the word polish that reigns my style in and keeps me from being too creative or dramatic…most outfits in that category I would not feel comfortable wearing.

I like a balanced creative style.  And when worn together, my style adjectives speak Pamela-style.

I do believe that loving the artistry and creativity of fashion helps me to get out of my box from time to time and enjoy it!

I show my creative, dramatic style often with prints, special pieces and different design elements such as the embroidery in this Soft Surroundings top I have owned for awhile.

The design technique of fraying the hemline on these jeans is a creative element I like and works with the other adjectives…but the distressed denim with holes does not sync with my polished adjective.

With these white jeans from JCP, you see more jean than fray…it makes sense to me that it appears more polished than the ones with holes.

I hope this is helping those of you who have asked about the style adjectives.

Here are a few garments currently in stores that I would call creative or dramatic in all price points:


creative dramatic style

#2 Creative, dramatic style can be expressed with accessories

Regular readers know how I love accessories and they are the key to creative, dramatic styles.

If you look at the scarf, necklace, and sneakers in the second picture, then you see what I mean.

Women who I consider to be the most creative, dramatic and artistic dresses are all magicians with accessories and show how important they are.

creative dramatic style

I give thought with every outfit of what my accessories will say about me and how they will speak my style adjectives.

creativty dramatic style

I have to mention at this point World Finds….a brand I enjoy supporting without compensation.

Many of you are familiar with this KANTHA GARLAND NECKLACE  I wear often by World Finds…such a fun creative piece and I get comments on it whenever I wear it.

It is easily one of my favorite pieces.

creative, dramatic style

World Finds recently sent to me these creative birth month bracelets with lovely affirmations for the month and with a botanical theme.

creative dramatic style

I was excited to see the traits on the July bracelet since July is my birth month….dignity, grace, positivity!

Love that!  Here are a few more accessories currently for sale that affirm creative, dramatic style:

I am sure you noticed I did not include shoes.  I will find some fun shoes for you in the July sales. 

Are there any questions about how you speak a creative, dramatic style?

These two points are what I follow the most.  


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Macy’s Fourth of July Sale

That you for joining me today to discuss style adjectives…it is the last post for June 2023.

But, tomorrow begins my one of my top three favorite months of the year…bring on July and Style Tips Saturday!


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. As often you look colorful and comfortable which I’m sure is important in the extreme heat y’all are experiencing in hot Texas. I’m not a neutral dresser and think I always wear color somewhere even if my top and bottom were all white. I am happy to see the birthday bracelets from World Finds as they will make lovely birthday gifts for our granddaughters. As stifling as our South Georgia heat is, it’s cool compared to yours so I certainly hope you are able to stay comfortable. I fear for those who have to work outside.

  2. I can remember growing up in North Texas with summers between 106-110. This is nothing new for Texans. I have watched workers in our neighborhood since the heat wave began…they take a lot of water breaks and the heavy work is done in the mornings and late evenings. The freeway construction goes on at night any way. The news outside of Texas must be reporting this as unique and unbearable…nothing new here, believe me. We learn to adjust and summers have been long and hot my entire 70 years. The only deaths I have heard of were two young sons and a step dad hiking in Big Bend at the peak of the day and one died from heat exhaustion. The dad sadly died in a car accident trying to get help for the boy. That is tragic. I have not seen reports of heat exhaustion deaths in San Antonio. Don’t fear for us…we know this routine this time of year. I actually have friends who love the heat and love summer the best.

  3. Pam I think you’re right. The media likes to sell a story and the heat in Texas is a story. It’s not that odd to have a June heatwave. It seems to me that Texans are better prepared for extreme heat than extreme cold. The cold spell a few years ago was a big disaster!

    I think of your style as having a strong regional element to it. You have a bit of Fiesta in many of your outfits. How does that work into your style adjectives?

  4. I need to find a ‘big’ present for my DIL but in the meantime, I am going to send her the July bracelet. Your timing could not have been better. I’m glad you are doing well!! What I’ve read is that so far there have been 13 deaths in TX associated with the heat. We all have something, I guess. The smoke from the fires in Canada were projected to loop back here today, but luckily that has not happened. Our air quality is ‘moderate’ and is supposed to be good tomorrow. I think we’re all looking forward to relaxed 4th!

  5. I agree…that freeze a couple of years ago was brutal! I agree that San Antonio influences my style and that my creative adjective works for where I live. Some days I lean into the creative/dramatic adjective…and some days I lean into the polished adjective. But I always have all five in mind when I put together an outfit. It is common in San Antonio to see many many women wearing color and fiesta type clothing.

  6. I think we do all have our challenges with where we live. My favorite season is NOT summer, but I have learned to endure it over my life. I am so thankful for my state and where I live….and for air conditioning!

  7. The green top with the red necklace is one of my faves on you. I have recently redone my adjectives to include polished too, because casual and active without polished sometimes took me a little too far into the casual. I am a little sporty, but in the striped Breton sort of way with athletic bottoms and fashion sneakers. I soooo believe in the power of accessories. When I dipped my toe into Scandi chic, I realized that, while I loved the well cut, pared down solids, I really needed my creative accessories to feel like myself. I use the word “interesting” to express my creativity, because otherwise I end up too boho for my personality and look. There is power in these adjectives.

  8. Thank you Linda…I truly believe there is power in the adjectives. I also added polished to reign in the bohemian, causal, over the top looks for me. But, I still occasionally have fun with my fashion and my creative bent allows me to

  9. I love your adjectives! I lean Scandinavian well as I am half by birth. Being very fair blonde, or now white and silver, I wear more cool colors but I love your style philosophy. You always put together and so joyful. It is contagious! My son was born 58 years ago on July 6th. I used those words on the July bracelet on his card today. Thank you for sharing your joy!

  10. I am on the road and cannot give enough time to pouring over today’s blog, but I want to chime in to say that I am so excited to see you discussing the adjectives! Love you in the green shirt and the deep contrasting necklace!

  11. I’m July also but have a large wrist & the bracelet site has no measurements so not for me — I would have ordered it because as a summer I wear a lot of blue. I embrace other color pallets as well because I love your bright necklaces and other colors that are not necessarily “mine”. Also perhaps I missed it but you handbag is of interest if it’s available. I have a number of summer bags but that tote is one I’d use for sure.

  12. Very interesting to read when you explain your adjectlives. I think I could learn more from the examples you post when you say “Here are…..” but all I get is a black circle going around and around. There is no location that gives a pointer finger to open up whatever you have included. Am I doing something wrong? This has been going on for a while….not just today.

  13. Thank you for explaining more about your style adjectives. I always wonder if it is Ok to include “comfortable”. I like to look attractive but comfort especially in shoes, waists and bras is a must these days.

  14. I think we have to be very careful of the word comfortable, though I completely understand. The adjectives are messages you want to tell the world about you. Comfortable is one that could be done with others to balance it out so that you don’t appear sloppy. I hope you understand what I am saying.

  15. Hi Mary Frances, sometimes when that happens all you need to do is refresh your post. I know with different browsers that this can be an issue and I hope this little refreshing will help.

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