Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday mornings at home

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home…a weekly lifestyle post written just for you.

I do hope the Sunday Mornings at Home posts encourage, inspire, and even entertain you in order to start (or end) our week with joy and a smile.

Summer began this past Friday in San Antonio with the arrival of heat and humidity.  This week will bring heat indexes over 100.

I am born and raised here, so I have learned to adjust; however, I do have neighbors who flee to cooler climates for the majority of the summer.

Anyway, it is already better than last year was at this time and should be a milder summer than last year…we will see.  The recent rains have been welcome!

And you are welcome here, so let’s get started with my thoughts today on Sunday Mornings at Home.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Last week, I attended my granddaughter’s end-of-the-year dance recital.

I love dance recitals with kids…there is always a cute, funny moment.

When my daughter was dancing at this age, they danced to “Splish Splash, I was taking a Bath!”  (You remember, long about a Saturday night!)

They actually had little wash tubs on the stage the girls sat in for part of the routines…let me just say, the littles getting out of those tubs was fun to watch…and not that graceful!

Of course, my granddaughter’s routine was practically perfect in every way.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Leigh Ann got her hands on some freshly picked strawberries last week and made Strawberry Muffins.

She recommends this recipe from the vegetarian blog, Cookie and Kate.  These are the Strawberry Oat Muffins.

I plan to make a batch soon.

Sunday Mornings at Home

A favorite breakfast for me this week is my avocado toast and it seems I do it differently every day.

I always toast a slice of sprouted grain bread, and use a half of a small avocado.  

Yesterday, I mixed it with a teaspoon of all natural garlic hummus…so good.

And some days I add an egg on top…fried in olive oil, and seasoned with a pinch of garlic salt and touch of cayenne pepper.

I am purposefully adding more avocado to my diet…it is so healthy.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Our mojos are returning after days of wedding fatigue.

Mr. B takes naps during the day.  I have never been able to take naps…if I sleep I am a mess the rest of the day.  When he sleeps, he is revitalized.

I am also jealous that after a bad night of sleep, he can jump out of bed and go run several miles.  After a bad night of sleep, I struggle to move at all.

Needless to say, I want to be more like him!

Sunday Mornings at Home

I have so much work to do around my house…there are monsters coming out everywhere.

Seriously, this was placed by my grandson who turned five this weekend…he is a bit of a prankster.

I really need to just stop ignoring going through closets and do it!

Also, we have hired some landscaping assistance in our backyard and sometime in July I will share the results with you.

I am super excited…we have needed help for a very long time back there.

I advocated for zero landscaping with more rock…Mr. B said NO, so we compromised on a little rock and more green.

Sunday Mornings at Home

I did get a second opinion on my left foot and was more impressed with the second doctor and all that he told me.

My toes do not move at all, because they are out of socket.  My foot aches on the bottom, because it carries all of the weight there.

The return of a bunion has caused these issues, but surgery requires more than just working on the bunion…the toes must not be ignored.

I am going to do this before the end-of-year,  however, I will be in recovery and in a boot for three months (Yikes!). 

I need to think through how this will work.  Of course, you will see when it happens…I plan to keep blogging!

The boot will be an accessory I must live with confidence wearing…..

Sunday Mornings at Home

Thank you to everyone who gave advice on Friday about What to Wear on an Alaskan Cruise.

I ended up placing an order for two items at Land’s End.  I ordered the:  WATERPROOF HOODED PACKABLE RAINCOAT in deep sea navy; and the ULTRA LIGHT CROSS BODY BAG.

I had no raincoat so your suggestions to get one resonated and I responded.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

One afternoon last week, we had a significant storm.

These recent storms have delivered very high wind and hail.  Trees have received pruning…sticks everywhere.

But, after this storm I went outside to find an amazing sky…it was glorious.

This was a great reminder that after any storm in our lives, if we stop and take a moment to look for it, we can often find hope and beauty.

I recently read that there are now classes in Japan to help young people specifically learn how to smile….the affects of masks and the pandemic took those smiles away.

One of these article is here:  Gen Z Students in Japan Learn How to Smile Again.

On one hand, this article was very sad to me.  On the other hand, it supported the importance of smiling….through the storm.

No matter what you are facing this Sunday morning, take a moment and look for that all-important silver lining.

Thank you for joining me today with Sunday Mornings at Home…please share any thoughts you may have…and I will see you tomorrow!


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Sunday Mornings at Home


  1. What an uplifting spirit your Sunday Morning words always give me! Those strawberry muffins look delicious, but we so rarely get strawberries that are sweet anymore. They seem large and tasteless so often unless you can get them directly from a farm which is also rare for us. I loved the picture of Mr. B taking a nap with Tux apparently close by. My Mr. B is also a daily one or two nap-taker while I hesitate because I’d rather sleep well at night. But he can sleep during the day and night both. The pictures of your granddaughter in her dance costume are so cute. Our last granddaughter who has danced since she was three will be performing next weekend for the last time as she has now graduated from high school. Many precious performances in our memory. I try to look at sunsets every day. I think I’ve said before that sunsets remind me of God saying “ Have a good night, my Child!” or that’s what I try to think…a blessing from God.

  2. Leigh Ann was excited to have fresh picked strawberries and she said they were delicious. I did purchase some here in Texas recently which were very sweet. I guess it just depends on the region. I love your take on sunsets, Celia. Happy Sunday!

  3. How nice, you get to buy new boot(s) for the fall! Just not the kind you were expecting! Can’t wait to see what type of outfits you’ll create🤣

  4. Thank you for the uplifting posts that you share on Sundays! I start my day with them!

  5. We will see, Anna. I plan to approach this with joy…at the end, my foot should be less painful and easier for walking and balancing.

  6. Love my fresh strawberries too! That muffin recipe appeals to me too- I’ll substitute GF flour (almond?) And my trusty GF oats.
    Hoping they come out as tasty as these!
    Like you gave been spending good time with my two youngest grandchildren ( 4 year old twins) at their pre school graduation And also at yesterday local Gaspee days parade- a 2 hour parade! Great memories!
    Good Luck with your cruise planning Pam! Layers are key when cruising to Alaska I’ve heard.

  7. My navy raincoat is very similarly styled, but not packable. I may have to pick up the L.E. one in that blue ditzy print! We are tentatively planning a fall trip to go from Niagara Falls down to D.C., and will also be needing to pack layers since we will probably span late summer to early fall temps. On strawberries, our farmer’s market had them yesterday, small but sweet. June berries are a rare and precious thing here, but thanks to early and consistent warmth so far, happy to have them! Next month is my Happy Time, though, as we’ll be able to re-stock my freezer with blueberries. I can’t wait to meet my friends out at the u-pick. The picking is easy, and time flies while we chat.
    Happy Sunday!!!

  8. How fun to annually pick berries with friends! Thanks for sharing, Connie. I saw Niagara Falls as a kid, but would love to see it now. Hope your trip materializes.

  9. I’ve had two foot surgeries (same foot, because the first dr didn’t do enough … glad you got that second opinion). In the last one, my inflamed Achilles tendon was detached, bone scraped away, and reattached (Mr. B likely knows many people with this, as it’s called a “runner’s foot”). The Achilles was bolstered by taking one of the two tendons in my big toe and moving it there. I was 2 months in a cast (on a scooter) and a month in the boot … for the second time in 8 months. Flash forward a year later, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m grateful when a medical problem has a mechanical solution, as so many people deal with much more. Sadly, the other foot is going, and I may be joining you on your boot journey. You will be able to do quite a bit in the boot if you are allowed to put weight on it, and you will -not- regret it. I would suggest not buying any more shoes until you see what you can tolerate, as I can no longer wear the flip flops (even the good Clark’s) that were the mainstays of my life pre surgery. At least now, though, I’m not confined to mules or shoes without any backs.

  10. Love these posts with your grandchildren! What a great way to start my day. Your granddaughter is beautiful and we also had a grandson who was a little prankster; that brings back wonderful memories, and I’m sure that you are a really fun Gigi! Having had toes on both feet “done,” I can tell you it’s not really that bad. The time will go more quickly than you think, and you’ll be happy afterward. No more pain!

  11. YES to no more pain! I am ready now and would do this if I did not have a couple of trips on the books. But, when that ship has sailed (pun!) I will schedule the surgery…it may not be the fall I am accustomed to, but motivation of no pain is big for me!
    Thanks Niki.

  12. We have a tree that was delimbed by Mother Nature. We decided to remove what had to be removed and let it regrow. Most of the missing limbs were on one side. Remarkably, it looks much better a decade later. It has character.

  13. Very nice and uplifting post. Thank you! And of course thanks for some good recipes to try. I do look forward to your Sunday mornings.

  14. I enjoy your Sunday post. I especially liked the picture of the claw reaching out from under the sofa. Little boys are so much fun; and they delight in scaring us.
    I have had several foot surgeries, and I am so thankful I had them done. I now walk for a few miles everyday without pain.

  15. Just like us…we can come back better and stronger! It is possible. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Thank you, Paula. I just made those muffins and Mr. B thinks he would like them better with blueberries…I think I will try that soon too.

  17. Thanks, Kathy…that is exactly what I need to hear. Plus…I completely agree about my little boys…they love to scare!

  18. I’m also a “Gigi” and it always makes me smile to see your grandkids, their antics and milestones in your posts! Thanks for the beautiful sunset photos and the reminder that so much beauty can follow a storm in our lives. I had foot surgery in the fall of 2020 and recovery wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. I only took Tylenol and Advil for the pain, no Rx pain meds at all. My best tip for successfully walking in the orthopedic boot is to be sure whatever you wear on the other foot has exactly the same amount of heel height as the boot. I started out in a completely flat shoe on my healthy foot, which caused a lot of back pain since I was walking lopsided. I did best in an athletic shoe with a thicker sole/heel. It also really helped me to wear a soft fuzzy sock up to the knee under the boot to prevent rubbing and chafing. I used my daughter’s old soccer socks and they were perfect. Be prepared to lose a lot of muscle mass in that leg – your legs will be two very different sizes when the boot comes off. Also, be sure to do some physical therapy afterward to regain as much mobility as possible. My foot surgeon refused to write me a referral for PT, saying I didn’t need it. By the time I got my regular doctor to agree to write the referral I had developed a lot of scar tissue. My PT said if I had been able to start therapy much sooner it would have been an entirely different scenario. Let us know when it’s time for your surgery and I’ll be praying for a successful outcome for you. In the meantime, here’s to our mutual survival of summer in Texas, which has hit with a vengeance this weekend. We were so blessed with cooler weather this spring, especially for your wedding weekend! It’s going to be a long few months, but hopefully cooler than last year.

  19. Those special times with the grands are what makes life grand (pun)! The thought of the young people in Japan having to learn to smile again is so sad. My younger granddaughter missed out on so many of her senior year finales because of COVID, but she handled it with a great attitude. I try to find something to smile about & be thankful for every day.

  20. Having lived in Japan for a year prior to the pandemic, I find it surprising that anyone is attributing the need for smile lessons to the wearing of masks. Wearing masks has been commonplace in Japan ever since the flu epidemic of 1918-20. People wear them in public whenever they have a cold or a sniffle and often even when they don’t to protect themselves from viruses, pollens, etc. On the other hand, Japanese people are very reserved and smiling in public, especially at strangers, is very uncommon. When I smiled at people on the street, reactions were very mixed… some would ignore me, some looked confused, and occasionally someone would smile in return.

  21. Agreed – also the case in HK, where mask wearing predated COVID. I think it may be more that the *prolonged* social isolation of this pandemic is affecting young folk who are *just* entering the workforce (as the article notes). They therefore haven’t had the need for corporate preparation lessons before, but it may be also that more of them are looking for jobs at international corporations now, where the culture is different (the term ‘Hollywood smile’ used throughout the article is fairly telling).

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