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Happy Saturday, all!   On Saturdays, we let you be the fashion stylists and join me and my friend Jennifer for style tips.

Jennifer and I find displays from around our two worlds and ask you how you would style what you see.

This is not about would you wear what you see or not, but about how you would style the garment or counsel a friend on how to style the garment.

Women love to read the style tips from other readers and get ideas for their own wardrobes.

So, ladies, let’s get started today with our style tips challenges…..


style tips

Tiered dresses are definitely a current fashion trend, and I am certain some would love style tips advice on how to style a tiered dress.

We see them everywhere.  Today’s feature display is from Kohls and is the LC Lauren Conrad Front Knot Dress in a color called parasole peach. 

There are styling challenges with a tiered dress design, so think about what those challenges might be as you develop your own style tips.

As always, to get you thinking, I have found a few tiered dresses currently on the market for you to see:

OK, fashion stylists…how would you style a tiered dress??


style tips

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Though I am dancing in sandals in this photo,  my style tip is to wear it in your formal ceremony with blue shoes….I loved that look, but went comfy for dancing.

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style tips

Several items from the Shopping with Leigh & me post:   All items ordered by several of the readers….

Voile Fit & Flare Dress.


 Embroidered Neck Shift Dress


style tips

These Dolphin Hem Pull-On Crops. at Chico’s have been very popular and we would love to hear your style tips for the complete outfits with these beautiful pants.

These pants were featured in the Summer Seaside Styles post….

So, it is your turn, fashion stylists…how would your style a tiered dress?

Give your best style tip options whether you personally would wear the dress or not.

Then head over to A Well Styled Life to give style tips on Jennifer’s display! 

Thank you for being here and for your support….I hope you will join us tomorrow for the weekly lifestyle post, Sunday Mornings at Home, and throughout the weekend…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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style tips


  1. I think this dress has a very young vibe. It would be very sweet on a teenage girl. It has enough going on without a lot of accessories. I’d add a locket as her only jewelry.

  2. Wow- a pretty dress for a younger woman. I’m not sure how id style it other than add a pashima if it was chilly at the venue. A small clutch would be nice and longish earrings?

  3. I’ve seen many dresses like this and most have just a bottom tier, which can be more flattering. I think the two tiers can make it hard to style. I’d try a soft bolero or shrug in medium blue or maybe light green for contrast. Black if it’s a dressy affair. Or I’d try a long duster especially one with a pattern that includes the dress color. A strappy sandal in a feminine style and silver necklaces landing above the tie.

  4. Interesting…so you believe it is only for teens. Please share what makes it only for that age group…I think that would help others.

  5. Again, I would love for those of you who see this as a younger woman’s dress to share why. I understand why you are saying that, but others might need to see. Love it when we get into the details with clothing.

  6. I suppose I’d add a cardigan but that would ruin the airy vibe. I’m not a fan of strapless bras or tiers so I’d honestly not wear this. The fabric appears synthetic which I seldom wear. Happy Saturday Pam!

  7. I agree it’s basically for teenagers. My reasoning would be the number of tiers, the bow, the tiny straps (they don’t need the help with gravity that some of us do!), and all the gathering in the tummy area. In other words, it would not be comfortable, it requires a flat stomach, and the trendiness suggests to me someone who hasn’t yet fully developed her style. That said, if I were advising a mature woman who loved this dress, I would suggest a cropped denim jacket and woven tan accessories. A messy bun or ponytail and some dangly earrings (maybe in turquoise) would complete the look.

  8. The dress reminds me of maternity dresses I wore in the 70’s! With the empire waist and multiple layers it reads young and fun! I would style with dangling earrings and multiple colorful bracelets. A colorful, airy, crocheted shawl and neutral sandals would complete the look.

  9. I agree, it’s a dress for a teen or twenty something. The top with skinny straps and tie at the center would not be flattering for most of us over a certain age. At 72 I’m still pretty flat chested but still need support with what little I have. I avoid anything that brings attention to my chest area. All these pretty long tiered dresses that are so popular now are so darn cute but this one needs a cardigan or denim jacket. Small necklace jewelry and maybe some dangly earrings would be good.

  10. I wore this style of dress when I was in high school, and I still love the style! Really, all it needs are some strappy sandals, cute earrings and a small bag to accessorize it. But at….ahem….a certain age, I’m probably not going to choose such a girly dress for myself. It’s been a while since I was a teen. Too many frills and ruffles – just like ditsy florals and smocking – give a vibe that the dress belongs in the girls/juniors department, to be worn by a little girl. The straps are too bare, the neckline is too low, and the bust area lacks support for a more mature woman. So, what’s a grown girl who likes ruffles to do? I might opt for a similar, ruffled SKIRT and choose a coordinating top with more coverage. Alternately, I’d look for a dress that provides more coverage up top. A denim jacket over such a dress crosses my mind, but only briefly because I live in Texas, and it’s just way too hot for a cover-up!

  11. Here is a dress that would work for my body shape and complexion. I’d need a topper, as others have said. My delicate skin needs protection from the sun. I’d size down from my regular size to limit the volume of the tiers.

  12. I’m going to diverge from the consensus here and imagine this for a mature woman. Yes, there’s a lot of skin going to show, but I would wear this several days in on a tropical vacation. Pop on a breezy, lightweight white cardigan or wear a simple white shawl if heading out to stroll the malecón in the evening. Add a white tennie for the walk, or a sandal for shorter distances. Small white or straw wristlet, and a single longer strand of beach-vendor purchased turquoise or amazonite beads. Would the younger girl pop it on without hesitation? 🤔 Undoubtedly! But the older ladies could give it a go, and might feel a special kick in their step. 😉

  13. I did not mean to imply that only a teen or young woman could wear the dress though I wonder how many mature women would be comfortable wearing this style; its not a bra friendly style. Most mature women wear a bra and dislike their straps showing. The empire waist with full tiers gives a certain silhouette and floaty feel that would be lost under a jacket so it seems to be designed to be worn without a sweater, jacket , etc. I have seen this style in junior sections of stores and at stores in the mall that cater to young people. To me it has a sweet, young look. My collage age great niece would love it and she’d look darling in it.

  14. Thanks Kathie…I think it helps other women to see what you are seeing and that is the only reason I asked for you be specific. This exercise has really been beneficial to some.

  15. Connie…no matter what your comment is, you always take us on a journey…this one was fun!

  16. Although I agree with others that this style is much better suited to the younger ladies and those who don’t need a supportive bra, I still love a pretty sundress. If I were going to style it more for my own age group (early 60’s) I would add a denim jacket or lightweight cropped cardigan in a lighter color, some wedge sandals or espadrilles, and some delicate jewelry – maybe a simple necklace and some dainty drop earrings. This would be a good look for patio dining, attending an outdoor concert or art show, or an outdoor activity like the zoo. Around people I didn’t know I might be brave enough forego the coverup (on vacation, for example.)

  17. Due to the style of its bodice, three tiers and length IMHO this is a dress that leans towards youthful and trendy. That being said and regardless; if the straps are not adjustable and to fit properly it may still require an adhesive or invisible bra plus to wear as an intended midi length and if not tall, one’s choice in footwear might only be a heel. (In other words because of its three tiers, shortening its hemline isn’t feasible.) To style; I would choose nude strappy sandals and a soft sided clutch bag and introduce a third color (taking a cue from interior design = robins egg or teal blue / sage or mint green / pink or burgundy) with a pashima/shawl/wrap lightly draped over my shoulders and arms avoiding anything ‘fitted’ that would compete with the visual lines of the tiers. (i.e.: In a finely woven cotton ‘n cashmere blend that would also add some additional texture.) For jewelry, as I always feel ‘less is more’ and though a metal gold tone works beautifully with peach, I would also consider something colorful in an acrylic stone or a natural woven fiber if I were not opting for an arm coverup. -Brenda-

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