Style Tips: how to style wide-leg cargo pants

Style Tips

Happy Saturday, everyone!  It is time for you to be the fashion stylist and tell us how you would style two display looks on two blogs.

My friend, Jennifer, and I find displays in our worlds that make us wonder how you would style the outfits….even if you would not wear them yourself.

This has been such a fun birthday week and I want to keep the fun going today.

I love to read your ideas and so do the other readers.

So, give it some careful thought when you answer because your ideas help so man.


style tips

When I was in LOFT recently, I saw these wide-leg pants and really wanted to try on a pair…due to popularity…they were completely sold out.

Cargo pants are very on trend right now and I know many women over 50 who love the style.

But, I have not seen any wearing the wide-leg design.

These are the Lou & Grey Wanderweave Cargo Pants in light cool tan.

style tips

Of course, the pockets on cargo pants can present a bit of a challenge.

So, take that into consideration.

Now, here are a few at other retailers….sometimes this will help generate ideas…

So, budding fashion stylists,  what are your best style tips for styling wide-leg cargo pants?


travel-ready fashions at LOFT

I found this outfit when I was in LOFT to get this display.

This was one of my travel-ready outfits for vacation…and I like the Lou & Grey collection.

In case you missed the post about this outfit, it is:  

I am so glad I added this one…I feel very confident wearing it.

It is your turn….tell us how to style wide-leg pants…what are your best style tips…then head over to A Well Styled Life to see what Jennifer has for you today…and make sure you always….


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style tips


  1. I love wide leg pants!! They need to be worn with shorter tops which I’m delighted to find popular these days. I’d add a black camp shirt and some platform sneakers for balance. Happy Saturday!

  2. I’m wearing a few wide leg crops this summer( white, sage and navy) so I’ve been all over the place with tops. They definitely look best when tops are shorter, close fitting (not extremely tight) and summery. My shoulders are normal, not broad or too narrow but I like to wear the puff shortvsleeve tees I bought early on at Talbots. The hip/shoulder is just right! Love the idea of cargo too but don’t own any.

  3. I wore and loved a similar style in the 1970s. I’d style these in a similar way with a fitted short sleeve sweater that hits at the waistline and platform shoes, obviously not the platforms we wore 50 years ago but the cute platform sneakers that are popular now. The style and fabric of the pants reads very casual so I’d forgo any jewelry other a watch & simple earrings. I might tie a small square scarf around the neck a la Audrey Hepburn. I’m not sure I could pull this look off now but if I see some pants like this in petite sizing I may give them a try-on.

  4. I would style those pants with a navy or black ribbed tank top tucked in. Add a crossbody and flat strappy sandals, maybe a few bracelets on one arm. Happy Saturday!

  5. I would add a ribbed black or navy top with puffed sleeves. I have a few of those in my closet this year! I would add a couple bracelets that would pick up the navy or black top with flat black sandals and a straw purse. I always wear colorful headbands in my hair in the summer as my hair is thick and curly. Happy belated birthday,Pam! Hope you had a great day, yesterday! I look forward to reading your column everyday.

  6. What a blah looking mannequin! The first thing I would do is tuck in that white knit top to conceal the poor workmanship on the hem. Then I would add a belt in either woven beige raffia, dull gold metallic, or luggage brown leather. A crisp white button front shirt with rolled up sleeves and a colored beaded necklace or gold chain with a pendant at the neck would be another alternative to wear tucked into the beige cargo pants. If I wanted to wear the top out without a belt, I would look for a shorter length tee in a stripe or print to give the outfit some interest. Earrings, bracelet, and luggage brown or dull metallic gold sandals or beige slip on sneakers would finish the look. I like the wider leg pants because they balance out my hips and are more comfortable to wear.

  7. I discovered this style of pants the summer of 2020, when I had put on a few pounds in the early days of COVID, and bought them in six colors at Old Navy. I’m so glad to see they are back in style! As others have mentioned, these pants call for a sleeker top, but nothing too fitted in our Texas heat. With my pair that are this exact color my favorite looks are a rich brown Johnny Was embroidered v-neck tee with light tan embroidery and a sleeveless button front striped rust/gold/olive/ivory linen top that’s not fitted but fairly close to the body. I also wear them in early fall with a thin linen sweater made like a sweatshirt in a chocolate brown and tan print. I found I was wearing this color so much more than the others that I bought a second pair so I’d always have them available.

  8. Lou & Grey is Loft’s brand of loungewear. It’s made for wearing around the house, and I doubt I’d wear them elsewhere due to the drape that doesn’t even look good on the mannequin and which, along with the patch pockets on front, creates a focal point at the – ahem – crotch. So, with that in mind, I’d cuddle up on the couch in these pants with an oversized tank or tee, my favorite slippers and a cozy throw to watch my favorite show.

  9. Do like wide legged bottoms however patch and cargo pockets are personally my least favorite as IMHO in most cases accentuates the lower abdomen and thighs. With that being said; to style I therefore feel that they deem a semi to fitted top (preferably pocket-less) whose length is either cropped, hits at the waist or is able to be tucked in to distract from the above mentioned areas. As to footwear for casual wear I would choose that which has a ‘substantial sole’ in a shoe, sandal or even a trooper/hiking boot. (For the latter; lace-up tucking their hemline in.) Jewelry would of course be kept to a minimum and handbag could range from a cross body, sling or shoulder bag, knapsack etc. depending upon the occasion. To conclude; as these on the mannequin are a neutral in color understandably they would be a wardrobe staple for those who like this style.

  10. I’m not sure anyone should purchase these! Perhaps a super slim, sometimes too slim in my opinion young women, would choose to pair them with a midriff baring fitted top, colored sneakers and a little cross body bag plus a big watch or more likely an Apple Watch with a statement band. Seems like there may be better choices to achieve the look that I do see here in New England.

  11. The visuals on the post are dreadful. The comments are better written than the post itself.

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