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Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to Style Tips where we ask that you become a fashion stylist!

This is the day that my friend Jennifer and I show you fashion displays and tap your brains for styling the pieces.

Many women love these posts and have found reader advice to be very helpful.

I really try my best to select displays which are food for thought…in other words, give you much to consider when offering style advice.

Just please remember, this is how would you style it or advise a friend to style it.

It is not would you wear it or would you buy it. You may include your reasons why or why not, and then pretend you are advising others.

Ok…with all of that said…let’s get started with some fun style tips.


style tips

Today, I am showing you a display featuring a JJill Oversized Popover Tunic in blue & white plaid.

Of course, with a product labeled oversized tunic, as a stylist you must consider volume and length…what would you advice be?

Does everyone understand the difference between a top and a tunic?  What is your understanding, stylists?

Another thing to consider is the necklace.

Here are some other tunics for you to see that might get your ideas for styling going:

So, what do you think budding fashion stylists…how would you style the look on the JJILL display?


style tips

Chico’s newest denim jacket was liked and purchased by many of you this week.


style tips

Second in sales was the EMBROIDERED RAGLAN DRESS

I would love to know your style tips from those who ordered this dress…are you wearing it as a topper or a dress or both??

There were several of you who ordered one of this and one of that from the Chico’s post this week.

If you did not see these looks, go to NEW 2023 PRE-FALL FASHIONS AT CHICO’S.

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But now it is time to give your Style Tips…first on the oversized tunic…and then go to A WELL STYLED LIFE for Jennifer’s display.

I hope you will join me tomorrow for my weekly lifestyle post…Sunday Mornings at Home…I have a fabulous soup recipe and do address something of concern to many of you…plus an important warning for grandparents.

Join me…and make sure for the rest of the day that you…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Cute gingham top. I like the jeans but would prefer dark navy and bracelets on one arm. Remove the necklace. Happy Saturday!

  2. The tunic is a classic pattern. I would switch to a bright green necklace for a nice color contrast. The jeans should remain as is to balance the fullness and length of the tunic.

  3. This shirt is something offering a few possibilities. Of course it can be worn as shown, or left open and worn over a navy cami or tank, sleeves rolled up a bit. It can also be worn halfway -unbuttoned over a tank which I’ve been seeing all over. Again sleeves rolled up. Finally it could be MY navy blue bathing suit Coverup! Cute!

  4. I completely forgot to respond to your questions Pam!
    For my understanding tunics are longer tops, more billowy, perhaps. And the use of necklaces with this particular top? I think tests a call completely on the woman wearing this. Summer is a tough season for necklaces or scarves – not impossible of course but I’ve not included necklaces here.

  5. I love oversized shirts! Since I am size 16-18, they can sometimes make me look bigger! Ir is essential that I wear a long necklace to break up the wide expanse of the shirt! I have a Bryn Mawr oversized linen shirt that looks good with a long necklace. I would wear a long navy blue beaded necklace with a silver bracelet and silver earrings.

  6. Remove all jewelry and the pants. Add a bright red bathing suite, flip flops, and a straw hat. Wear open.

  7. No worries, Paulette. This is the first summer in a very long time that I have worn less accessories due to the heat. I so look forward to wearing them again soon!

  8. Thanks for joining in Mary…love all the green on the current market in accessories as well.

  9. Hmm, I’d drag the tunic into fall with a printed Johnny Was scarf, a front tuck (yes, even with a tunic) into straight leg jeans with sandals or a low bootie and a fedora ;)! // I’ve enjoyed catching up with your Alaska cruise. // Also, appreciate the Betty H. quotes!

  10. Due to the fabric being a gingham in pattern and a relaxed pullover tunic in cut; IMHO the bottom (pants or midi/maxi skirt) chosen to wear with it should be of a slim silhouette to avoid looking frumpy. As to footwear because of factors mentioned, would choose casual comfort in either color of the top (‘every color in an ensemble needs a friend’) whereas rather than a colorful necklace; handbag or tote be of a contrast/bolder color. Last but least; other accessories would be minimal which would consist of earrings, a bracelet, a watch and statement sunglasses in choice of finish. -Brenda-

  11. I’d style it with narrow white pants and some platform sneakers. Even in petite, this one was too long for me, so sadly, I could not wear it in a flattering way. Happy Saturday!

  12. In my eyes the pants need to be longer as the proportions look off. As it is a popover it couldn’t be worn open so I would add a belt ( if possible with the drop sleeves) or a cross body bag and a short necklace to fill the V neckline to break up the expanse of checks. Alas as I’m petite and short waisted, even these changes wouldn’t make it suit me very well.

  13. Tunics make the upper body appear longer and the legs appear shorter. I would style this with navy straight leg pants to counteract the leg-shortening effect. However, I’ve learned to stay away from tunics because of my long torso. Those with a short torso and long legs can wear this as is.

  14. That’s a cute tunic. I love blue and orange together.
    Would make a great weekend capsule. Friday over jeans, Saturday at the pool, Sunday belted or tucked into a a jean skirt. Once you belt it then it’s likely to be wrinkly so save that for the last day.

    I think the blue/white check is the way to go. The solids are nice but for a long weekend you want a pattern that won’t show anything that may spot it.

  15. It needs a tall person with long legs. Dark blue slim jeans, a bright colored crossbody bag and sandals. Only earrings for summer. Too hot for jewelry! Happy Saturday All!

  16. I would style this with slim white pants, cork wedge sandals and some bracelets. Perhaps a necklace.

  17. I sure hate how often this site dumps me and refreshes! I received my Chicos wide legged jeans and cropped denim jacket today! They fit perfectly in 2P! I have a new online shopping site for me! Thank you for sharing Chicos link!

  18. Just my style! I like the orange beads but could see spring green too. I would style it with skinny jeans, white one for summer or a favorite of mine Spanx kick flair — I’m really tall so can carry that style off but know shorter women wouldn’t want the look. I’d be wearing a pair of my Tom’s flats in blue and my great JJill orange straw tote bag or my spring green hand bag depending on my beads. I bought this shirt in Tall bright yellow. No question tunics work well with skinny pants!

  19. The pleat down the front makes the tunic too voluminous, I think. It looks very much like a maternity top. I would probably add a few stitches along the pleat to batten it down. Far more slimming and flattering to any figure…

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