Old Navy Boyfriend Shirts for casual spring outfits

casual spring outfits

Happy March Monday, everyone!  Today, I want to review Old Navy boyfriend shirts for casual spring outfits.

On Saturday, we discussed the 2024 fashion trend of oversized button down shirts, which are also called boyfriend shirts with a nod to menswear.

I noticed the boyfriend shirts when Leigh Ann and I recently visited Old Navy (see that post here).

And, I became interested for my casual spring outfits.

Today, I am showing you three recent Old Navy boyfriend shirts for casual spring outfits, and I will tell you how it is going.

So, let’s head into my life for needs in my casual spring outfits that arose out of last summer.


casual spring outfits

Last summer was past hot…it was the hottest on record, and I am sad to say that reports are this summer will be the same.

After adding lovely items to my closet for nice events and occasions, I suddenly was lacking in casual clothing to wear that would keep me cooler and could be worn around the house or nearby errands.

Purchasing these items can easily be done now in Texas for casual spring outfits that will withstand the whole summer.  We are talking function over fashion today.

So, when I saw the Old Navy Boyfriend Shirts, I immediately wanted to try them for my more casual spring outfits.

I will be honest…these are very casual spring outfits…for going out in the neighborhood to get mail…or going to the post office…or the grocery…or drug store.

But, for meeting someone for lunch or a doctor’s appointment I would elevate my style a bit more.

I like the easy fit and versatility of boyfriend shirts…they are comfortable and easy to wear….and Old Navy has a huge variety of these oversized shirts.

Stripes are on trend and Old Navy offers them in many colors….I selected a green that I could wear as a topper over a green tank or as a shirt.

It is a green stripe soft twill, and I wash and hang dry.  Actually, there is very little in my wardrobe that I do not hang dry…I avoid the dryer with my clothing….no matter what I paid for it.

There has been no shrinkage washing and drying this way.

You will see once you click that link that there are also petite and plus sizes.


casual spring outfits

My casual spring outfits no longer include white shirts, so I selected this linen boyfriend shirt instead.

I do not wear white pants when I am working around the house, but wanted you to see the shirt with white pants for casual spring outfits.

casual spring outfits

This is the Linen-Blend Button-Down Shirt in a natural linen color.

I can see where you could easily style it as a topper with a tank and necklace, but again it is linen and does show some wrinkles.

This one also is in petite and plus sizes.


casual spring outfits

Of course, I desire for all of my casual spring outfits to be in my best colors.

So, I love that Old Navy boyfriend shirts for casual spring outfits come in a variety of colors.

This is the Oversized Button-Down Boyfriend Shirt in the color called Emerald Isle, and yesterday it was a little over $13.

This shirt comes in nine colors.

In fact, notice the prices as you click these links…very affordable…and for how I want to wear them, lower pricing is best.

The only problem I had happened just the other day.

I ran to the grocery and going in there was one lovely gray flower pot for sale.  I had been looking for a gray flower pot at a reasonable price …and it was for a larger plant.

This one was dirty…so my dark green top looked pretty smudged when I left the store!

I still like this color, and am glad I purchased it.

These shirts will serve me well as things heat up around here, and I am glad I added them for my super casual spring outfits…and beyond.

And yes, I do plan to wear them with my crops and capri pants.   Of course, I will be doing other things to stay stylishly cool this summer, but more as we go forward.

I promised one of the readers, over the weekend, that I would curate a plus size slideshow for her of oversized button-down shirts…so here goes….

If you have any questions on the Old Navy Boyfriend Shirts for casual spring outfits, then please let me know…and throughout this day….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product from James Avery to share with you, and the words are my own.

Please remember to shop with my Shopping Links found at the top of the page. Thank you so much to those who shop this way.   This is how I help to keep the lights on!

casual spring outfits


  1. Good morning Pam, thank you for the slideshow. I think my issue when purchasing oversized shirts is I do not size down, which makes me look heavier. The green striped looks fabulous on you, great color. I looked on line and the pink striped is a perfect color for me. Thanks again for the slide show. Have a blessed week.

  2. You as well, Betty. I enjoyed doing it for you. Let me know if you are looking at anything else.

  3. I bought some of the ON oversized shirts for a couple of reasons. First, I didn’t want to spend much on a trend I like but don’t love. Second, I need some forgiving pieces that will allow for weight loss without having to be swiftly replaced. These were surprisingly decent quality for the price. I like my dark red stripe the best, and wanted the khaki stripe but it was unavailable. I did size down a whole size, and feel it helps with all that volume. I had a gauze one last year from JCrew Factory and wore it a surprising amount of time, and kept it this year to wear as a swimsuit coverup. I agree on their casual nature, and will wear them for exactly the activities you will. I don’t wear capris, but I do wear shorts, and likely will pair them with my shorts on our frequently steamy summer days. With some jewelry and decent sandals, I think they are polished enough for my style adjectives.

  4. I related to Betty’s comment about sizing down. That deep green is enticing. I so seldom go into Old Navy. I should give it a try. Have a good day!

  5. These clothes for me are affordable functional casual wear. Comfort for days doing simple things and to keep me cool!

  6. Good Morning! The way you dressed with the boyfriend shirts is how I dress most of the time with a tee shirt or turtleneck underneath depending on the weather. I will be investigating these shirts especially since they do come in petite sizes. I also noticed your cute shoes in the pictures at your front door, and would be interested in knowing what brand they are. Hope everyone has a good Monday!

  7. I am not ready to think about another hot Texas summer! So, as I read through your post I tried to see how a couple of these shirts might fit into my planning for a Lake Michigan wedding trip in late July. I find that to be a much more tolerable way to plan right now and let Plano heat take care of itself.

  8. I waited too long to plan last year, Elizabeth. I will be ready this year!

  9. As a ‘hobby sewer’ and browsing the ON website, feel one could ‘not’ make such a shirt at their pricing (particularly in Cdn. $$$’s) and do agree with you Pamela that they are definitely casual comfort in style. Also shall add; as to linen and blend garments themselves I use a cold water wash on a delicate cycle and do toss them in the dryer using either an ‘air’ or ‘polyester’ setting that seems to work well as softens them up a tad since not all fabrics are equal in quality though share the same name. Plus if concerned about wrinkles; regardless of your appliance work from the wrong side of the garment to steam or press to prevent damage to the fibers/finish. -Brenda-

  10. With our hot summers, oversized shirts are good sun protection. You can wear a cute outfit with the shirt open covering your arms and neck. I’m definitely going to be check out these oversized shirts.

  11. Thank you for the plus size slide show. I noticed that several that I liked also came in XXL which is sometimes a better fit for me. I was especially taken with the gauze shirt from J Crew Factory. Gauze is a good alternative to linen in warm weather.

  12. I really do like that striped boyfriend shirt especially in that aqua-green! It would be perfect for me too- working around the house or volunteering where there is real work to be done.
    And that linen- blend natural boyfriend shirt could take us further with a cute necklace maybe? Love it too. It’s an easy look over a cami, tank or tee.
    Pam, I do hope your summer is not as oppressive as last year. I think you mentioned friends, or was it neighbors who traveled away to escape the brutal temperatures last summer- it was that bad.
    Stay safe. And thank you for all that you do.

  13. The green striped shirt over the green tee is such a lovely combination on you. With luck you will be able to stay cool. Like Celia, I often dress this way, albeit with good fabrics when I’m going out. Today, I’m wearing a mid-weight gray shirt with a light flannel blue plaid over it and super-comfy wide leg knit pants. Happy Monday, all.

  14. I actually have on that chambray blue shirt from Landsend. I grab it as a coverup when it is a little chilly in the house. I find I wear it at least briefly almost every day. If it is the same one I have a year old or so, I wash, dry and hang out of the dryer. I am a true petite at 5’2” but now am a fluffy 143 lbs.! So I buy the regular size and if it shrinks a little, it still fits me. That is especially true for flannel shirts. I buy large regular and they fit over my busty chest and come down to my wrists out of the dryer. I love your choices of inexpensive ON shirts. They are perfectly functional and comfortable. Two of my adjectives.

  15. Thanks so much, Brenda. Just to add, that after I air dry the linen, I toss it in the dryer on refresh with a Downy sheet to soften…and it adds a nice aroma.

  16. Thanks Judy…I do believe this will be nice to own as things continue to heat up!

  17. Yes, gauze is a good alternative. I have a little gauze that I wear in the summer.

  18. It is sad to see neighbors and friends leave for awhile…I miss them. We do not have the income to maintain two homes and with family in Texas, I do not know that I would want to. But, there were many times last summer I wanted to flee!
    I hope it is not as bad…but the predictions are not good ones.

  19. I think these will work well for me in the air conditioning…sometimes I need a little cover like you are describing here, Sydney. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I love those green stripes! The color really suits you, Pamela. I have a green striped shirt on order. So fresh for spring and summer.

  21. Suddenly, I am really into green this year. Thank you for your comment. It is so fresh for changing seasons.

  22. Ha! I’m really into blue this spring! I love the green and white stripe boyfriend shirt and surprise, it’s 100% cotton! Good job Old Navy! Kohls has Sonoma button downs in relaxed and boyfriend fit. Solids, stripes and cute prints. I can vouch for the quality as I own several. I don’t really have style adjectives, but I do ask myself, “Would a French woman wear this?” French women love their button downs. I’m calling this a classic.

  23. This post sent me straight to my local Old Navy, where I hoped to find the green striped boyfriend shirt to wear for a St. Paddy’s party. It was sold out in my size, so I got the tan/white stripe instead and I love it! For what itcost, I think it will be a great summer addition. When we hit 94 degrees last week in Fort Worth I knew we were in for a doozy of a summer! I’m working on a tan/olive/ivory capsule for a June trip to Charleston, and this will probably make the cut, even though it will require ironing when it comes out of the suitcase. Thanks so much for yet another affordable wardrobe idea! I also saw the Sonoma shirts at Kohl’s that Lily mentioned and they are very well made, but they tend to run a little short for me, both sleeves and body length.

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