Pamela Lutrell asks women if they would wear this

Happy first Saturday in 2020! It is time to take a break from our 2020 Style Goals and present our regular feature, Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer.  We find fashion displays around our two different communities that we believe are interesting and make us wonder what you would think.  All you have to do is tell us Would you or Would You not wear what we are showing you and explain why in a constructive manner.  This means that you give you opinion in an effort to help other women who either are or are not considering this style.  Some like to comment on the display and how it is put together…does it motivate you to try on the garments or want to spend money on them.

Pamela Lutrell finds displays for women to comment on

After you comment on my display, please head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and comment on Jennifer’s mannequin.  Then I hope you will return for our slide show below…it is a very different approach now.

But, first, look at my display above and tell us, ladies………


Pamela Lutrell discusses style goals for 2020

Last Tuesday,  I began a series called 2020 Style Goals with the desire to encourage you to go into this new year with a plan to look your very best.  You can see the posts here

Goal #1, Know Who You Are

Goal #2, 5 Must Ask Questions for Closet Purging

Goal #3, Step Out in the Colors of the Year

Goal #4, Experiment with Accessories

Women have been sending me their style messages all week so that I can set up a slideshow with them and others in mind.  Today is the third featuring Mary.  She wants to look intelligent, fashion savvy, approachable, artistic, and confident.  The slideshow below is for Mary and women like her.  Please keep in mind that I have not seen any of these readers.  So I am just giving ideas of how to communicate these messages without knowing your body type or age or lifestyle.  This exercise is to further get you thinking about what your selections communicate.  There are two slideshows for Mary of fashion forward artistic pieces.

I received an email from Thérèse, whose adjectives were featured yesterday.  She wrote, “Good job!  What I like best about your slideshow with me in mind is that it has some dresses.  I love skirts and dresses.  We recently went to a rather large brunch and I was the only lady there in a skirt.”  Also, she still wears heels despite being over 70!  You go girl!  




By Pamela Lutrell


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