You be the stylist and bring your best style tips for these neutral outfits


Chico's on Over 50 Feeling 40

Today is for all of you secret fashion stylists who inwardly would love to do your own thing with an outfit.  I am providing two canvases and you are to provide the inspiration and style tips for our audience of women over 50.

The top look is from my most recent trip to Chico’s.  So tell us, would you wear it as styled or would you pop some color and do it differently…what footwear would you add and is the handbag a keeper or need to change? 

Think of it this way, if you were styling a fashion show and a model showed up with these outfits on, how would you decide when they are ready to send down the runway.


Eileen Fisher on Over 50 Feeling 40

I love the ladies of Shepherd’s Fashions in Ottawa and here is an Eileen Fisher outfit from one of their summer fashion shows online. Same questions, stylists….what are your style tips for how to wear this outfit?


Macys on Over 50 Feeling 40

Well, we learn from one another and we can inspire one another.  It is a fun exercise just to see how we might shake up neutral looks and give us all ideas of ways to wear things differently.  I can’t wait to read your answers!  Have fun, but truly make suggestions that we can actually wear.

Of course, there is a Fun Fashion Find slideshow for your consideration today and it is all about accessories!


Soft Surroundings in the Shops of La Cantera on Over 50 Feeling 40













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Chamonix on Over 50 Feeling 40

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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I love all these looks. I wear neutrals most of the time but do add colorful jewelry or a scarf. I think corals & turquoise jewelry would look great with the browns & ivory shades.

  2. wow, what fun!
    outfit nbr 1…ditch the bag. add some black strappy low heeled sandals. no necklace. but some dangly black hoop or chandelier earrings…and a black bracelet…plain if the earrings are very blingy, or fancy if earrings are plain black hoops.
    bag….not a crossbody, it will kill the lines of the blouse, a wristlet maybe, if those are still in fashion, i always loved mine for quick trips. but with the print of the pants, make the bag subtle, maybe black or evergreen, or red, but small.
    outfit nbr 2…i have never paired cream and white, so im gonna say heres an oppurtunity to break out a statement necklace, and work shoes and bag and any other jewelry pieces around those colors. but take it easy with the other stuff if you are using a statement necklace…theres a real fine line with those.

  3. I love the first outfit and would wear it just as it is . I would wear a nude shoe and would add a colorful necklace. The bag is a little large for me. I also love the black and white outfit and own similar pieces. Add a black loafer and maybe a blacK and white or red necklace and I’m good to go. The white outfit is a bit more difficult. It needs a different shoe. Maybe add color with a shoe and necklace

  4. How about red lips and bag, black flats for the first one, colorful scarf and bag for the second. Both could use a necklace or earrings with a little bling.

  5. This is my first time commenting on your blog. I love reading your posts!! I’m from Ottawa and since I’ve joined your blog you have mentioned my favourite store, Shepherd’s Fashions twice! Have you spent time in Ottawa, Ontario? I look forward to reading your posts every day.

    1. Thank you for reading, Janet. I have not had the pleasure of visiting the store, but I have worked with their team on a couple of posts to show what they do. I love these smart, creative ladies who are doing retail just for us ! You are lucky to live nearby! I love to watch their videos. So glad you are here.

      1. I live in British Columbia in Canada and love Shepherd’s Fashion online store. Their videos are so helpful with sizes, fabric, etc. I appreciate you mentiioning them:) Such great style for the over 50 woman.

  6. Putting our brains to work today are you? Well, first look, I would add a fun hat, bag, and sandals in a similar colour to keep the eye moving. For me, a medium tone pink or even a bright blue. Earrings and rings in silver as well. Look #2, keep the nude on the feet and add a substantial necklace and bracelet/cuff to keep the interest up top. When the weather gets below the melting point, a nice airy scarf would be great with earrings. Also, for the second one, I would add a brighter top under the long one, since that keeps the look going and yet adds a pop of colour to the face. Fun ideas Pam.

    1. Glad you enjoy the exercise, Diane! It may help some of us in accessorizing out next outfit! Happy Sunday!

  7. Hello Pamela we thank you for including us in your blog! Yes, we remember this Eileen Fisher look we recently presented – her bone toned neutral is such a good 4 season basic. We love to style this up two ways,…either amp up the neutral story with similar toned elegant scarves, or play up a bright colour against it.
    It’s all about adding one’s own personality to make a quality neutral stand out!
    The Shepherd’s Fashions Team.

    1. You guys are so inspiring and I have watched many of your videos during this challenging pandemic time. You are doing what it takes to keep your business going and it is impressive. I love to share Shepherd’s with others. Thanks for stopping by Elaine!

  8. Any/all of those large straw tote bags would have to be eliminated for me—-to me they only look appropriate when at the beach or island hopping on a cruise. The Chico’s outfit needs a nice dark belt around the shirt–that would give it an instant lift–but those pants make accessorizing with anything but jewelry impossible. i.e. no scarf. A nice safari look jacket would be a great addition and enhance the look. For the purse I’d go with a nice alligator/croc skin look and a nice dark sandal, not too strappy.

    White on white on cream is difficult unless you’re seeing the fabrics and textures in person. Screen shots don’t pick up a lot of subtleties. A nice not too shiny metallic sandal would lift it all up.

  9. First outfit would definitely add a splash of vibrant color, red or a bright salmon would be great for me. Second outfits, just my style, love the black an white, always a winner. Silver statement jewelry and I am good to go. The yellow bag…. NOT. .. just too big, who wants to carry that around all day…. no thanks.

  10. What fun! For the first look, since it already has pocket detail on top, I’d add statement earrings and a bold cuff bracelet. For the second one, which is absolutely gorgeous, I’d add a bold necklace and small stud earrings. I haven’t read the other comments yet but will do that now. I’m a “less is more” person and don’t like to give the eye too many places to go at once, so tend to pare down accessories. Thus the reason for my responses.

    1. Hi everyone,
      I’m late on thus but here goes. Outfit number one might benefit with a thin black strappy sandel either flat or kitten heel, a small thin choker with a black drop stone, and black cuff bracelet. A different handbag too….a small black wristlet perhaps. The outfit just needs some contrast pieces.
      On outfit 2- for some reason the cardi color seems more ivory while the pant and tee are a stark white, and this bothers me. (It shouldn’t)! I would trade out that cardi with a summery ruana that includes white but accented with color to liven it up. Id line to see this worn with a strappy sandal keeping with the summertime feel. Bangle bracelets might look cute if they pick up the colors of the ruana or your choice- silver or gold.

  11. I have discovered Shepherd’s Fashions through your blog…and as a Canadian how could I not know of these fabulous ladies? I have purchased many items in these past few months…my poor Visa bill..but through their videos, yes, accessories are everything. The cream outfit, roll up the sleeves a bit, add a statement necklace or a scarf. Same with the black & white outfits. Necklaces, statement earrings and a great bag. I am learning to do this myself. And from the Shepherd’s ladies, watch your behind. You should look good coming and going. Thanks Pam!

  12. Both need some jewelry to jazz them up! Too neutral for me! Need some colors in both outfits! Love seeing Elaine! She is the accessory queen! Would be great to see how she would put her spin on these!🤩

  13. Outfit 1: ditch the bag as it has the same feel and colors of the outfit. Add dull metallic with cork wedges and a large red bag with red earrings.
    Outfit 2: love this; it’s very chic. Leopard mules and nude or black envelope clutch, multiple strand chunky gold chain necklace. Or … very southwestern, with big turquoise cuff, necklace -and- earrings :). Nude flats and clutch.

  14. I would wear the Chico’s pant but I’d change the top. The color and style don’t work for me. I’d pair the pant with a black top and sandals. That would make it much easier to wear a long necklace and earrings. The white outfit is just my style! The possibilities for jewelry are endless! I have a long red and gold necklace from Chico’s that would add a pop of color. I could always pair it with my abalone necklace that’s perfect for a beachy, casual look. I also have a long necklace with mixed metals that would keep the look more neutral.

  15. Enjoy all the comments. The 2nd Chicos outfit is a blank canvas and one could do so much depending on what was available in the closet. Necklaces,scarfs,leopard bag/shoe/mules ……..most anything goes with this one to make it indivdual!

  16. outfit 1 – Change the top to a winter white, add a jean jacket and colorful bracelets on 1 arm, ditch the tote for a small black leather crossbody.
    outfit 2 – Add a colorful lightweight scarf or 1 medium size colorful necklace. Change the shoes to black. I hate beige and white shoes.

  17. For outfit #2, I would definitely add some color. I might add a red shoe. If I added a necklace with a bright color, I would do a black shoe. With outfit #1, I would do a different bag, perhaps a small tote in black & brown. A chunky bracelet would be nice. As to shoes, I don’t wear pants that length, but I am never sure what shoe looks good with them.

  18. Love! the second outfit exactly as is. Embellishments would detract from the subtle serene mood it projects. A pair of 6mm pearl studs or diamond studs for a subtle interest point. A clutch (matching the shoes) for small essentials. The tone-on-tone is so elegant to my eye.

    First outfit made me think of Patti Duke in the Gidget movies, TeeHee. Classic clam diggers or pedal pushers. Paired with a natural wide-brimmed beach hat & two-toned tan huaraches, perfect for beach combing & sitting at a boardwalk cafe. The tote is a nice size for carrying a “day out” essentials.

    The clam diggers have enough interest & movement to stand on their own w/o overloading details. I might add an abstract sandy-tone pattern neckerchief to fill in the neckline… tie around tote handle… or wear as a mask.

  19. Some excellent styling suggestions in the comments for sure, however as I’m a bit of a fabric-junkie the way I would style these outfits would reflect such together with purpose/occasion. With that said though, I am surprised that no one suggested wearing the blouse differently shown in the first example. i.e.: Belted, application of a tuck-in technique, knotted in the front, open and worn as an overlay for a sleeveless or long-sleeved top. Super exercise, Pamela! -Brenda-

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