My favorite way to wear a quilted vest

quilted vest

Happy Thursday, everyone.  Today, I will show you my favorite way to wear a quilted vest.

On Tuesday in the Would You Wear It post, we discussed a particular puffer vest and the pros and cons of similar vests.

I was already planning to post about when I last wore this one,  so I decided to keep that conversation going.

In our warmer climate,  my Talbot’s quilted vest is perfect when the weather slightly changes…and it was also perfect for our summer cruise to Alaska.

So, today, let me discuss my favorite way to wear this quilted vest, and I even have a recipe for you.

Let’s get going……


quilted vest

Since we do not wear coats as often as most, the quilted vest receives a lot of wear among many of my friends and neighbors.

The larger puffer vests are very attractive, but add weight to my curves and are just too heavy.

I preview the way a quilted vest fits for a more flattering to my figure look. 

I like to wear my quilted vest with a touch of whimsy in a long sleeve tee…and almost all of those tees have come over the seasons from Talbots.

The peacock tee that I recently wore to a granddaughter’s birthday was last year’s Talbots.

There are quite a few of these on the market right now….and go to long sleeved tees at Talbots with this link:


quilted vest

Now, in Alaska, I did wear my quilted vest zipper up, with a solid long sleeve tee, and a scarf.

It was perfect.

Here are a few that would be perfect with a quilted vest…especially if your style adjectives say fun, joyful, approachable…..

Here are more fun quilted vests from Talbots.


quilted vest

My granddaughter’s birthday was at a park outside and made the perfect setting for a fall party.

Outside is where I most like to wear a quilted vest.  

I know some of you wear them inside, but so far, I wear them to outside events such as this…as long as it is not too cold….then it might warrant a sweater underneath rather than a tee.

quilted vest


I was asked to bring autumn donuts, but when I looked at my donut pan of only 6….I decided to go a direction that would provide for more people in less time for me.

First, I made three loaves of my PUMPKIN BREAD.

Always a favorite with all ages.

quilted vest

You might remember that a couple of weeks ago in TODAY’S NEWS FOR WOMEN OVER 50, I shared a recipe from the Pioneer Woman called Apple Donut Cake.

After I read what Ree said about the cake, I decided to try it.  Let me tell you…this cake is delicious and super easy (no apple chopping).

quilted vest

I think these plates at the end of the party speak for themselves!

I also was able to make one that day and freeze it for later.

Super moist and yummy.

OK…we just went from quilted vest to cake.  This was a fun event to break out my quilted vest to wear. 

I think we covered the vest topic well this week, but if you have questions, then please let me know.

Talbots does have a FALL STOCK UP SALE ON RIGHT NOW.

Thank you for being here and I hope to see you tomorrow for more fashion fun……


By Pamela Lutrell

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quilted vest


  1. Thanks for reminding me of those two recipes. I’ll print them this time! Looks like they were a big success at the party! I’m with you on preferring quilted vests although I recently bought a puffy one I haven’t worn yet. My vests are either quilted or knit, and I do wear them more inside the house rather than outside where they are not warm enough for me as cold-natured as I am. I need to get some whimsical long sleeve tees!

  2. I like the graphic tees under the vest, though I don’t own any. I often wear a Breton stripe or other thin stripe under mine, as it seems to go with the sporty vibe of a vest.

  3. I love a whimsical tee with these vests and even my other sweater vests. There are some good ones on sale right now. The apple cake is super easy and so good. Thanks Celia.

  4. I have also worn stripes under mine…but my favorite look is with a whimsical tee where the graphic appears right in the middle.
    Thanks Linda.

  5. Thanks for the apple cake recipe. I must have missed it the first time. I will save it for the next time I host one of my art groups. I buy cider this time of year and freeze it. I use it in a chicken and apple recipe that I make all winter. I like the way you pair your quilted vest with your whimsical tees. I love a quilted vest that is not puffy. I have a couple Chico’s that are not puffy at all. I wear them over tees in the house in the winter as we keep our house on the cool side. I need to be able to move freely in my studio so a vest is more practical than a sweater or jacket. It can also be layered under a coat when its very cold here. The only drawback is that they are reversible to a print that shows when I wear them open so it limits what I can pair them with. The ones you featured in the slide show look to be similar and without the print so I may need to order one.

  6. Now, I want to know more about your apple and chicken recipe, Kathie! When I host Thanksgiving, the meal always has a lot of apple in it from the applewood bacon to the turkey gravy. It you have time, I would love that recipe.
    Thanks for sharing…I know the reversible can be limiting.

  7. I live in a cold climate and love quilted vests. I wear them inside and out. They are slim enough to wear under a coat if necessary. Puffers just add too much bulk to my figure. As others have mentioned, I like wearing them with stripes. The cake looks yummy. My neighbor just brought me some tasty but less than perfect apples from her tree. Into a cake they will go!

  8. I have found that children have some pretty advanced palates. They like loaves like banana bread. A surprising number like seafood like shrimp and squid. Yes, kids in kindergarten enjoy eating squid. Who knew?!

  9. Wow…I would not have guessed that, but am not completely surprised. I have one grandson who has a very refined palette at age 8.

  10. I wanted to tell you I did make your pumpkin bread and it was very good. My family loves it so I’ll make it again. I’m also going to try the Apple Bread as well.
    I like the best on you. I especially like the first picture navy blue is a favorite of mine.
    Also I wanted to say my granddaughter’s high school band is coming to San Antonio for the state band competition. I wish we could go see her. We are in Texas now so we’re thinking about it.

  11. How exciting for your granddaughter! If you do come down, Paula, and have any questions about the city, then let me know! Congratulations on their trip to the competition.

  12. You look great in your quilted vest — I really like the way you styled it with the scarf in your cruise photo. I’ll definitely try that apple donut cake, especially after seeing those empty places.

    I do believe your cat likes the cake, too! What a cutie!

  13. She will eat just about anything…I am sure she would have liked the cake. Thanks Beth.

  14. I read a blog from another fashion influencer who said quilted vests are out. I’m glad to see your post! We keep our home on the cool side in winter, so I wear vests indoors as well as outdoors. Vests as a completer piece also help hide the fluffy parts.

  15. I do not believe the top retailers would be featuring them if they were not in style. Wear the vests and feel great, Kate. They are current and a great look.

  16. I bought a navy quilted vest and a tee on your Kohl’s link! I will wear it inside as I get chilly in the winter. We keep our house at 72 degrees and in some places it gets cooler than that. I found that wearing a half zip fleece top under a vest is quite comfortable in transition weather like now. Also good for car travel. I copied your Apple donut cake recipe as I don’t care for pumpkin. It sounds like a great alternative for the holidays.

  17. Thanks for the vest advice and thanks for the apple cake recipe. I did make the pumpkin cake. It was great. Especially thanks for the photo with kitty. I love cats but do not have one. Would love to see move photos as time goes by.

  18. I like the looks of vest just not on me. I’m short 5’1.5, don’t have a long neck and short waisted. I wear size 4 but I’ve tried different styles and brands and they just don’t work.

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